WOW: Permanent Retribution Aura

As some of you may or may not know, there is a new quest chain in Eastern Plaguelands that starts at the very beginning of the zone when you talk to Fiona. You do a couple of quests and you take her caravan to the next stop. This repeats itself in a similar fashion throughout Eastern Plaguelands. Once you arrive at Light's Hope Chapel you have Taraenar Sunstrike Gidwin Goldbraids join you as companions for a short time. One of them has retribution aura.

The way I was able to keep the aura is, I did not turn in the quests after they joined you. I left the zone right away because the quests were to low level for me. I believed I used my hearthstone. A interesting fact to note is that when you join a party everyone in your vicinity gets the aura. It acts as if you are the one giving it off and death does not remove it.