WOW: Make Gold as Enchanter Patch 4.0.3

After patch 4.0.3 the enchant cloak stealth (Enchant Cloak - Stealth - Spell - World of Warcraft) has changed to +8 agility & +8 dodge rating making it one of the best enchants for twinking.

The materials needed are :
3 Small Prismatic Shards - about 1 gold -> 2 gold for all
3 Greater Planar Essences -> 20 gold - 40 gold for all
2 Fel Lotus -> 2 gold - 10 gold for all

So grand total will cost you 23g - 52g and you will be able to sell it for 250g+. Better hurry up cause I sell them like hot cookies and it seems that in my server nobody else is bothering to supply this scroll.

Note that the recipe requires to have Cenarion Expedition Exalted reputation to buy.

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