WOW: Important things to do before Cataclysm

Here is a short list of things to do before cataclysm, which with either save you time, gold, and effort in the long run, before heading out to go 80-85, either through questing, instances or a mixture of both.

Step 1. Make a Level 1 Bank Alt.

Make a level 1 bank alt, and run them to a City. In the City you have access to your bank, and the AH. Get him/her some bags, set the HS to that city and now you are ready.
Most have a Bank alt already, but this is one of the most important things to have before an expansion, and before cleaning out your bank (step 2).

Step 2. Cleaning out your bank and bags.

Things to Keep: Food buffs, flasks and pots which can help you level, and gear you will be using while levelling.

OK, first off, vendor any junk from your bags, then send all things you want to sell or could sell in the future to your new bank alt. Mainly profession mats - Cloth, ores, herbs, enchant mats,the odd gem and anything else which you will gain more from sticking it on the AH than just selling to a vendor.

Also vendor/disenchant all your gear from your 3rd spec, which you will not be using in cataclysm to level with. EG - A Paladin whos playing prot and ret from 80-85, vendor or DE all that holy gear which is collecting dust and using bank space. Greens will be better than that outdated gear in cataclysm.

Vendor/Destroy your PvP gear, it will be worthless at 83+.
Destroy all the quest items rotting in your bank, free up as much space as possible.

Do the same with all your bank slots, and every bag.
Vendor, disenchant, and send the worthy stuff to your bank alt.

Be ruthless, if in doubt, chuck it out.

Congrats, its the cleanest you bags and bank have been in ages! Doesn't it feel good!
Now log your bank alt, and get all the stuff into your Bankers Bank, so the mail box is clean, ready and waiting for the cata loot.

Step 3. Respec and Reglyph.

By now you should have decided what specs you will be playing in Cata, if not endgame, at least while levelling. If you won't be doing PvP, get rid of that PvP spec.

You want a nice levelling build, with talents for mana/hp regen and talents that give you something nice when you get a killing blow. If you will be doing both solo levelling, and instances, have a spec for one of each.

For Example: I play a warrior. I will go arms for Solo Leveling, and Tank for fast dungeon ques. I have respeced my old arms PvP spec, to a nice solo leveling one, focusing on Max damage. I have reglyphed for more HP gain after using victory rush, so I will have 0 downtime.

Respec and reglyph your solo spec for maximum DPS and minimum downtime.
Respec and reglyph your instance spec for maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

Most of you will only need to respec and reglyh 1 talent tree. EG, from PvP to solo leveling build, or from PvE DPS to solo leveling build.

Step 4. The night before Cataclysm
So, you are all set.
You have your bank alt ready and waiting for all the Cata loot,
Bank and bags are clean and empty,
You have your ultimate leveling solo and dungeon specs.
Be in Org/SW next to the flying trainer, so you are ready to train azerothian flying as soon as you can.

Just decide on which zone you will be leveling in first, and be ready for your new adventure to start on the 7th December!

Leveling 80-85

Send all the stuff you get to your bank alt (Except Grey vendor Junk) Any leather, ore, herbs, gems, cloth, Volatile [Element], meats, uncommon and rare gear you don't use.
Keep your bags tidy.
If you let them fill up, you are missing out on gold.
Send them to your banker, and have them DE'd or AH'd later.

Good luck! See you at 85!


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