WOW: Easier Method Tame Pets With Appearance Buffs

When used on pets that have a buff that persists after death (The Lone Hunter, Oil-Stained Wolf etc), the buff WILL REMAIN after player death, so the pets are quite useable. This is an alternative way to quickly tame pets with appearance buffs without the hassle of timers. Tameable mobs whose buffs dissipate on death will be for show only, as the buff will clear on pet death (and player death).

Step 1: Find a pet with a buff you like.
Step 2: Trigger the pet's appearance change, if necessary.
Step 3: Tame Beast, and spam the following macro as the tame completes: /script PetAbandon()
Step 4: If it went well, the pet will be gone, but you will "already have an active summon" when you attempt to retame another. Relog, and your new shiny pet will be there.
Step 5: NEVER let it die >.> Also, do NOT die, yourself, while the pet is out. I have confirmed that this will also wipe the pet's buffs. (This step applies only to mobs who lose their appearance upon death while in the wild)

The mechanics of this: It makes the pet despawn as it becomes a pet, avoiding the "wiping the buffs" event. Be aware that pets tamed in this fashion take a relog to show, and will be set to Aggressive by default; you will also need to manually pull their abilities onto the Pet Bar from the Spellbook. Also keep in mind that this pet will (in the manner of Garwal, the Oil-Stained Wolf etc) appear as a normal tamed version of that mob (white wolf if ghost wolf, etc) on the log-in and pet screens.

List of confirmed & possible pets, constantly updated (Click on Confirmed for pics), with green mobs keeping their buffs after death:

* Akkarai Hatchling- CONFIRMED
* Angered Arakkoa Protector - CONFIRMED
* Armored Battleboars - CONFIRMED
* Ashmane Boars - CONFIRMED
* Blighthound - CONFIRMED
* Consumed Thistle Bear - CONFIRMED
* Deviate Plainstrider - CONFIRMED
* Felscale Crawlers - CONFIRMED
* Fern Feeder Moth - CONFIRMED
* Fire Rocs - CONFIRMED
* Ghost Wolves - CONFIRMED
* Icepaw Bears - CONFIRMED
* Infested Bears - CONFIRMED  (keeps disease cloud + buff, no eggs)
* Oiled Fledgeling - CONFIRMED
* Oil-stained Wolves - CONFIRMED
* Rabid Worg / Diseased Elwynn Wolves - CONFIRMED
* Searing Rocs - CONFIRMED
* Silt Crawler - CONFIRMED
* Vicious Teromoth - CONFIRMED
* The Tainted beasts (Bat, Spider & Bear) in The Tainted Forest of Blasted Lands - CONFIRMED
* The Lone Hunter - CONFIRMED
* Princess - CONFIRMED 

To get the Armored Boars to catch fire, you'll need someone to throw the torch from the quest "Feed of Evil" (chain leading from "The First Step," doable by Horde characters of any race) to set the boar on fire a few seconds before the tame is complete.

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