WOW: Another Savage Leather Skinning Spot

I have been using this spot for a while now that the Stone Bat method was hotfixed. The mobs here have almost instant respawn rate and a huge drop rate of useful items. I average about 4,000 Gold for every Hour of farming here.

The mob were going to farm is Riverbed Crocolisk - NPC - World of Warcraft

Here is what I got from an hour of farming.
177x Crocolisk Tail (Can me made into +90 strength food - Price 100g/stack = ~900g)
89x Battered Scale (Sold to vendor for 192g)
11x Grooved Fang (Sold to vendor for 45g)
2x Green item (Disenchant and sold on AH for 50g)
340x Savage Leather (Sold for 150g/stack = 2550g)
10x random Volatile (Sold for 157g)