WOW: 2k Gold/Hour Farming Volatile Air/Fire (No Gathering Required)

With the surge of players hitting level 85 and everyone looking to level their professions, there is a huge market for Volatiles. I decided to pick the two most consistent/best priced/farmed for Elements so I chose Fire/Air for this guide. Whats great about farming these items now is they aren't combined as motes as before. AND the mobs I've listed will drop multiples (1-2 each).

(My Server Prices)
Volatile Air: 44-60g
Volatile Fire: 10-15g

Volatile Air
Volatile Air - Item - World of Warcraft

The mob you will be killing is "Scion of Al'Akir"
Scion of Al'Akir - NPC - World of Warcraft

Screenshot of Area:
The mobs wander around this area. The mobs are very slow/kitable and do little to no damage, so they are very easy to chain pull/kill. The only downside to this spot is the distance between the mobs. Farming here as a hunter was very easy/fast with Aspect Cheetah/Fox.

Screenshot of Droprate/Loot I received:

Volatile Fire
Volatile Fire - Item - World of Warcraft

I recommend keybinding your "Interact with Target" key as the Fire elementals are hard to click on. Also about 4 spots up there is a "Target last Target" key which will target whatever you just finished killing and can make looting much easier, although I only used the first key.

The mobs you will be killing:
"Bound Fleshburner"
Bound Fleshburner - NPC - World of Warcraft
"Unbound Emberfiend"
Unbound Emberfiend - NPC - World of Warcraft
"Magmalord Falthazar"
Magmalord Falthazar - NPC - World of Warcraft

Screenshot of Area:
They all wander around this area. They are higher level than the Air elementals so they hit harder and have more HP but still very easy to kill and chain pull. The mobs in this area have a much closer proximity so no running around.

Screenshot of Droprate/Loot recieved.

Final product:
Screenshot of loot after a little over 1 hour of farming.
After a little over an hour this is what I had:
Volatile Air: 1383.13g
Volatile Fire: 80g
Greens(disenchanted): 170g
Vendor Greys: 24.84g
Total Amount: 1657.84g