WOW: Use Multiple Basalt Rocklings from Balboa

Currently in Azshara there is a NPC named Balboa. He is a large rock giant that when killed drops a item called Basalt Rockling. This item can be used to summon a guarding to fight for you for 20 min. The cool thing is, Blizzard forgot to add the texture to him so he is solid white. Now here is the possible bug/exploit:

There is a quest named Renewable Resource that has you place an arcane bomb thing on the ground for Balboa to walk over. This item seems to summon Balboa or at least reset his spawn time. What I did was found his spawn place, used the item, ran away (for some reason he won't spawn if he are near is spawn point), and then ran back and killed. Repeat this and soon you will have up to 6 guardians as pets for 20min, all stark white.

For those wondering, you can't hearth or port while these guys are out of they will go away. I tried but it doesn't keep you from mounting and running into Orgimmar.

You may be able to have more than 6 out at once as I just found the item in my bag which is why Balboa wasn't dropping them anymore. Summoning these on a twink will allow you to quickly level up.

NPC: Basalt Rockling - Basalt Rockling - NPC - World of Warcraft
Quest: Renewable Resource - Renewable Resource - Quest - World of Warcraft