WOW: Jewelcrafter's Headstart in Cataclysm Gold


Before the extremely slow "hotfix" implemented by none other than Blizzard, a vast amount of the Saronite equivalent Cataclysm ore was generated from the nodes within Hyjal:

Obsidium Ore - Item - World of Warcraft

If there is any in existence in your realm, it will be very expensive to come by! I was fortunate in only having to pay 150g per stack, and I bought 40 stacks.

Being a Jewelcrafter, I was extremely interested in what may become of prospecting the ore. I was pleased with the results:

Obsidium Ore may prospect into the following gems...


30% - Alicite - Alicite - Item - World of Warcraft
28% - Nightstone - Nightstone - Item - World of Warcraft
26% - Zephyrite - Zephyrite - Item - World of Warcraft
24% - Jasper - Jasper - Item - World of Warcraft
21% - Hessonite - Hessonite - Item - World of Warcraft
20% - Carnelian - Carnelian - Item - World of Warcraft



1.9% - Amberjewel - Amberjewel - Item - World of Warcraft
1.9% - Ocean Sapphire - Ocean Sapphire - Item - World of Warcraft
1.6% - Inferno Ruby - Inferno Ruby - Item - World of Warcraft
1.3% - Ember Topaz - Ember Topaz - Item - World of Warcraft
0.3% - Dream Emerald - Dream Emerald - Item - World of Warcraft

If you create a seriously large hoard of these items in a guild bank or something of the sort, you will make insanely large amounts of gold when players are able to increase their profession skill beyond the current restriction of 450.


When WotLK went live, simple uncommon gems would go for an average of 50 gold each (this was only for the first few days, HOWEVER, people bought them like rabids due to the fact that the "Realm First! Grand Master *Profession*" was available.)
This is not much of a feature, but these uncommon gems vendor for 5 GOLD A PIECE. This is going to make people think that these gems are worth much more gold than a usual uncommon gem (as the current WotLK epic gems vendor for 5g/piece, and the WotLK uncommon gems vendor for 25s/piece.)