WOW: Gold Maker in Winter Veil: Small Egg


Basically, what i'm gonna talk about here is the use of Small Eggs in winter veil, they're gonna be used for quests and cooking recipes that are specific for The winter veil, and what does this mean for you? Well basically if you have some time you can farm them and buy the really low priced on AH now and stock them up for december 15th when the winter veil starts, and this winter veil is especially profitable because as you might know cataclysm is going to hit the 7th, which basically means that all that expansion economy inflation is still going to be lingering when winter veil hits, which will make the prices for Small Eggs even higher!

So when winter veil starts, post all the eggs on the AH and watch the gold start flowing.

A GREAT way of farming the eggs would be outside silvermoon city, the Dragonhawks there drop insane amounts! I think its about 155% dropchance(which means a chance for them to drop two!) So start stacking up those eggs and make a profit on Winter Veil!


  1. I never used those small eggs I found in Silvermoon city for cooking. I collect all of them and use them only for quests.