WOW: Farming Savage Leather

In Wetlands / Menethil Harbour, near the docks is several Sharks of level 22~ range, which you can skin and apparently they have semi decent droprate while skinning for Savage Leather and DeepSea Scales, which both are mats for Cata-Leatherworking items.
As a non-waterwalker, these are my results after 1 hour worth of farming.

69 Savage Leather
29 Deepsea Scales
70 Light Leather
42 Medium leather
6 Light hide
8 Medium Hide.

My guildie said there was a spot South-East side right next to Menethil where the sharks would spawn faster then he could kill them. There is even enough for 2 people I would think.

For anyone that does not know the mob:
Harbor Shredfin - NPC - World of Warcraft