WOW: Exalted with Gilneas and any Tabard Faction in ONLY 2 Hours

This is the alliance method to quick reputation gain. The mobs in Black Rock Depths can be despawned after killing 6 of them - Thus never ending mobs, and it's 360 rep every 1.5 minutes.

1) Go to Darnassus, ask a guard for the Flight master - Next to the flightmaster the Gilneas quartermaster resides - Get the Gilneas tabard
2) Go the the bountiful tables in Darnassus and eat all the foods 5 times - This will give you a buff with gives you 10% extra rep called "The spirit of Sharing"
3) Use a mole machine or conventional travel and get to BRD. If you have a mole machine and the key it'll take you roughly 30 secs to get to "The summoners tomb".
4) Go to where the 7 summoners bosses are(See Pic 1)
5) Kill 6 of the bosses and leave "Doom'rel" alive - He is the last one to engage
6) Hide in the corner, which is shown in "Pic 2" and wait for it to reset
7) Earn 60 rep per boss - 66 rep if you've got the Sharing buff = 360 rep in about 40sec+30sec reset

EDIT: Looks like it was patched on some of the servers.

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