WOW: Engineering Mind Control Buff

This is useful for twinks and anyone that can benefit from an extra buff.

This is for engineers (min lvl 55 with mind control helmet) or people with access to such a player.

If you use either the Gnomish Mind-control Helmet or the attachment for your normal helm, you may notice that your target turns into your "pet."

Thus we can use cooking items that are made for pets on our target! You can give these beneficial buffs to opposing faction players, you mind control, or other players you get in a duel (your whole raid before a boss fight perhaps?)

Sporeling Snacks: Available from Sporeggar rep, this food will give your pet 20 stamina and 20 spirit for 30 minutes. Requires level 55 to use.

Kibler’s Bits: Gives your pet 20 strength and 20 stamina for one hour. Requires level 55 to use.

Spiced Mammoth Treats: Available for 3 Dalaran cooking awards, gives your pet 30 strength and 30 stamina for one hour. Requires level 70 to use.

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