WOW: Make A Fortune From Cataclysm Twinks

I've been twinking/playing the AH for quite a long time, and in my  experience, there is no better market to corner in the AH than the  twinking economy. Why do you ask? First of all, low item levels means  low deposits, so if your stuff doesnt sell first time around, its all  good. However, the main reason why its so amazing, is because its the  only market where you can FREQUENTLY find INSANE bargains because people  frankly dont know what they have.

I cant tell you how many times I've bought Wranglers wristbands of  power/stam/monkey for 25s (worth 1kg to the right twink) or 9/9  pathfinder hats for a couple gold. Heck, I got my one and only  shadowfang for under 100g and sold for over 5k. It happens all the time  when you know what to look for.

When cata hits, 2 major things will change in the world of twinking.  First of all, twinking will be coming back in full force. Right now,  twinks have to migrate to their brackets home BG in order to get exp off  games. (19 & 49 ruin, 29 reckoning, 39 nightfall in the US) With  the BG merger in cata, twinks will be able to play with other twinks  from every bg, so the numbers will shoot through the roof hence driving  prices up. The second major change (where the real $$$ come in) is that  they're changing a ton of the lower level items and making many  currently "noob" items BIS. As long as you know what to buy and hold on  to, you'll make an EPIC TON OF GOLD come cataclysm with very little  investment.

Without further adieu, this is what you need to get your hands on:


  • Razor's Edge (currently very inexpensive)
  • Darkweave Breeches (not best profit margin, but buy if you see cheap)
  • Gloves of the Fang
  • Feet of the Lynx (everyone is going to want these)
  • Bronze Band of Force (crafted, but will likely be bis for a couple classes)
  • Mindthrust Bracers

  • Enduring Cap (this will also 100x in value)
  • Silver-Lined Belt (currently incredibly inexpensive will be bis)
  • Glowing Magical Bracelets
  • Resilient Cap (currently worth nothing, will be amazing for a TON  of classes)
  • Shadow Hood (craftable, but about to become awesome for fc twinks)
  • Resilient Robe (currently worthless green, about to get huge boost)
  • Magician's Mantle
  • Tribal Worg Helm (this will 100x in value)
  • Forest Tracker Epaulets (already expensive, so not best profit  margin, but buy if cheap)
  • Claw of the Shadowmancer (rogues are getting nerfed, but this will  be better than torturing poker come cataclysm)

Not too sure about the 39 & 49 changes just yet, but I'll look into  it, and I'll be updating this thread any time I see new gold  opportunities in the twinking market, or further changes to items  pertinent to twinking.

Hope you enjoyed the guide, and happy gold making       

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