WOW: Avoid RaF Country Restrictions

The reason for this small guide, is that I live in one of those countries where RaF is NOT allowed, which sucks big time. And I have heard a lot of players complain about this, myself included.
And recently I found the solution, that for some reason has become available after the merge.

Back in the days, we couldn't really change our contact info, and therefore we were locked to the address, we typed in years ago.
But with the merge, this changed, you can now change your country, and therefore be able to use RaF, just as anyone else!

So what you do is:
1. Log on to your account
2. Look under "My Profile".
3. Click on change Contact info.
4. Click on Edit in the green box.
5. Change your country to: Sweden (Here RaF is allowed).
6. Accept the ToUA and the Chat agreement.
7. Click submit.

You are now able to recruit your friends, and get the same awsome bonusses as the rest of the world.

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