Diablo3: Gem Materials + Costs Calculator

Jewel Crafting Artisans D3 Calc Hadriel Sen

Here is an awesome calculator I found that will display how many of a gem your need and the crafting costs to make said gem. For Jewel Crafting this helps us take a loot at the commodities market and see if it will be cheaper to make your own or profit by selling on the Auction House.

Here is the link to the calculator. Very simple to use. Diablo II Gem Calculator


Diablo3: The Crumbling Vault

Quick Guide that shows the location of the Crumbling Vault in Act2 and how to complete it.

You may encounter a Treasure Hunter standing next to a portal in the Stinging Winds. Talking to him allows you to enter the The Crumbling Vault through a portal.

The location you’ve just been teleported to is vast and additionally you have to worry about the time limit. Don’t waste your time fighting all the monsters and instead try avoiding them when you can. Find a second portal which leads to the The Crumbling Vault Treasure Room and immediately use it.

Once you’ve been transported to the The Crumbling Vault Treasure Room you can stop worrying about the time limit and the event will officially end. Naturally you should spend some time opening crates found in the area. Once you’re done use a portal to return to the Stinging Winds.


Diablo3: Act 1 Inferno Farming 1.0.3

1.0.3 has ushered in a different way to farm. I'm sure most people have already seen this, but for those of you still doing the old butcher runs, don't! Elite packs now drop a rare each, the same as the butcher and there's way more of them. Get more use out of your stacks!

A1 is fine for farming, it's fast and can drop the big ticket items, just a lot of time farming is necessary. In the past 2 days I've had 2 5mil drops in act 1, very decent for about 10 hours farming.

I like Act1 elite farming, I can do it fast and I've been cutting out certain areas to increase my rares per hour.

I do this:

1) Port to northern highlands, check for the Watchtower dungeon along the NW wall of the zone (it's small, takes maybe 10s). If it's not there, remake. If it's there, clear it for 1-5 stacks. I anticipate the number of packs here will be nerfed soon, though often times I just find 1 pack. Additionally I find the dungeon has about a 60% spawn rate.

2) Check northern highlands (small area, 0-2 packs).

3) Run to the hunting grounds (small area, 0-1 packs). it's NE of the highlands 100% of the time.

4) Run to Leoric's Courtyard (small area, 0-2 packs) it's NW of the hunting grounds 100% of the time.

5) Check cemetery dungeons, I kill one pack per dungeon and then port out and go to the next cemetery dungeon. The reason for this is that each dungeon can spawn 1-2 packs but it's rarely 2 and sometimes they can be quite large areas, not worth the time to clear them totally.

6) Festering woods - clear the 2 dungeons there for 2 more packs, kill packs that are out in the general area if you come across them. I usually find 1, but the range I believe is 0-2 in the general area.

7) Halls levels 1, 2, then the jail area (still deciding if this run through is worth it, it takes time but you usually find 1), then halls level 3 and butcher.

Rinse & Repeat! I do it in about a half hour or shorter if I remain focused. I'm a Barb running a normal sword and board build with sprint for faster clearing. I ignore normal mobs unless there's a huge pack then I kill them for fun :)


Diablo3: Unlimited Leecher Turn-Ins

With the latest patch you can have a leecher turn in your quests continuously while you make new games for them.

I've leveled another character on my other account already using this. Here is the format I used.

Player 1: Level 60
Player 2: Leecher

Player 1 makes game, 2 joins
1+2 kills ZK on normal mode, both take the soulstone, 1 leaves+resume, 2 completes quest
2 join 1 game, 1 leave+resume, 2 complete
2 join 1 game, 1 leave+resume, 2 complete
2 join 1 game, 1 leave+resume, 2 complete
And so on.


Diablo3: Change Text Color in Chat

Use these samples to change the color of your chat messages in the Diablo 3 chat channels, party and whispers.

Here is some samples for you to copy and paste into the chat channel. When you paste it remember to edit the text message to include what you want to say.

Copy and Paste this, then edit your message.

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FFFF0000}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FF5500FF}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FF0EFF00}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FFFFFA00}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FFFF8200}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FFC100FF}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FFFFFFFF}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FF000000}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{c:FF858585}Change this text to your message.{/c}|h


Diablo3: Block Paths with Manticore and Sledge of Athskeleng

Use this to block the paths of melee monsters so you can slay them without getting hit.

Just drop the gear in a line across a dungeon. Yes you need more than 1 of the items to block off the path completely. Just drop on the ground in a row to stop monsters from treading over.

List of items that work:
Sledge of Athskeleng


Diablo3: Max Games Per Hour Limit Workaround

Blizzard added a new games/hour ratio. Go above that and your stuck in the menu screen. Here is the way to bypass this.

With this one if you get in a situation that can cannot create anymore games because you went too quick just set the time on your computer ahead 15 minutes. Works like a charm.


Diablo3: Cancel Any Auction at Any Time

Use this to cancel an auction that expired past the first 5 minutes.

When you need to cancel an auction and the 5 minutes has already counted down, just set the clock back on your computer. This will allow you to cancel any auction.


Diablo3: Use Move Key to Walk Through Mobs

diablo 3 options move key

This can be a huge life saver for Hardcore characters that get stuck.

The Move key is an unbound entry in your keybinds menu. Once it’s bound to a key (I use W) it can be used to move just like a click/hold of your left mouse button. Tapping the key orders a one-time move command and holding the key causes your character to follow your mouse until you release–just like the mouse button. But unlike your mouse button, the Move key completely ignores enemy hit boxes, allowing you to force your character to move to a location instead of attacking the enemy standing there.


Diablo3: AFK Gold Farming

farming gold diablo 3 act 2 guardian
Currently working. Guide to AFK gold farming in act2.

Choose the eighth quest in ACT 2. Enter an area with a Guardian Tower. Go in the corner and just afk. Works best with more gold find %.

1. Ensure 2 pillars so that you can farm the mob constantly
2. The gear must have thorns stats
3. Use Templar as pet and enable heal skill
4. Repair your gears and then go to sleep
5. When you get up, pick up the gold and go back to town to repair your gears and repeat the steps.

AFK as Wizard:
This is what I was using without a follower. By using Storm Armor with Reactive Armor and Magic Weapon with Blood Magic I could AFK also while I was gold farming.

While testing this out before I made my post I got 150,000 gold and a couple rares in under 2 hours.


Diablo3: Achievements and Challenges Guide

Decard cain is DIablo 33

A list of most of the Challenges and Achievements in the game right now. Lists what you must do to obtain and gives a quick tip to complete.

Challenge achievements are awarded to you by completing specific challenges. Some of these are easy to get, some of these are very hard. Follow our guide to get all the achievements.


Fresh Meat (20 Points)
Complete the Butcher Challenges Achievement Listed Below:
Don't Stand in the Fire! (Butcher Achievement)
A Brief Butchering (Butcher Achievement)
Stunning Reversal (Butcher Achievement)

The Fresh Meat Achievement is a "parent" achievement composed of several little achievements. We will detail how to get each of those achievements.

Out of the Shadows (20 Points)
Complete the Belial challenge achievements listed below:
Good Eye (Belial Achievement)
Why'd it have to be Snakes (Belial Achievement)
Fist Missed (Belial Achievement)
Bad Breath (Belial Achievement)

Again, another achievement which you get by obtaining other achievements.

Azmodan (20 Points)
Complete the Azmodan challenge achievements listed below:
No Reinforcements (Azmodan Achievement)
Hot Foot (Azmodan Achievement)
Be Cool (Azmodan Achievement)
Azmodan Adds (Azmodan Achievement)

Diablolical (20 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil
Complete the Diablo challenge achievements listed below:
Uncaged (Diablo Boss Achievement)
There can Only be One (Diablo Boss Achievement)
Self Sufficient (Diablo Boss Achievement)

In A Hurry? (20 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil
Complete the speed run challenge achievements listed below:
No Time to Rest (Act I Speed Run Achievement)
Sandskimmer (Act II Speed Run Achievement)
Swift Descent (Act III Speed Run Achievement)
On the Wings of Angels (Act IV Speed Run Achievements)

This one requires you to run through the acts, never engaging in unnecessary chatter or conversation with any of the NPCs. Often you will just run ahead for the exits without bothering to kill any of the monsters. Note, you cannot leave the game from beginning of act I to the end while working on these speedrun achievements. If you do, you will not get the achievement. It is recommended you do not attempt these achievements on your first playthrough, or you will be missing out on a lot of stuff (including other achievements)

Light Entertainment (10 Points)
Kill 666 enemies with a falling chandelier

When you are in dungeons, watch for the chandeliers on the ceiling. Time it properly, cut the rope, and the chandelier falls and kills the monsters it lands on. Not only you need this for the achievement, but this is a very fun and rewarding way of killing enemies. Easiest in normal with a mid level character. Make sure you cannot 1 shot the enemys before u hit the chandelier and you should be okay.

Among the Elite (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil x2, Banner Pattern x2 Banner Accent
Kill 200 elite (champion, rare, or unique)

These are bosses you will run across in your adventures. They have yellow or purple names. Getting this achievement unlocks more, as follows:

The Elitist (10 Points) - Kill 500 elite (champion, rare or unique) enemies.
Elitist Bubble (10 Points) - 1500 elite (champion, rare or unique) enemies.
Elitist Jerks (10 Points) - 5,000 elites.
Elitist Few (10 Points) - 20,000 elites.

Golden Packs (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil, Banner Accent
Kill 20 Treasure Goblins

Treasure goblins are tiny demons that you will come across, usually in dungeons. When you hit them, they drop gold, and if you kill them they drop more gold and potentially some cool items. If you don't kill them quickly, they create a portal and vanish. Kill 20 of these, and you will get this achievement (as well as a lot of gold and loot from killing the treasure goblin itself)

Getting this achievement unlocks the next level achievement:

Greed Over Need (10 Points) - Kill 100 Treasure Goblins

Never Seen That Before (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil
Kill one of the following unique enemies:
Red Rock
Ragus Grimlow
Bellybloat the Scarred
Fecklar's Ghost
Logrut the Warrior
Lorzak the Powerful
Drury Brown
Lucious the Depraved
Dreadclaw the Leaper
Captain Cage
Merrium Skullthorn
Zhelobb the Venomous
Rithlin the Widowmaker
Qurash the Reviled
Sarella the Vile
Jezeb the Conjurer
Ebenezer Samuel
Gart the Mad
Beyatt (Act II: Lost Caravan)
Otzi the Cursed
The Archivist
Saha the Slasher
Raiha the Vicious
Blarg the Imp
Thrum, Razormouth
Mage Lord Skomara
Mage Lord Ghuyan
Mage Lord Flayden
Mage Lord Caustus
Hazzor the Viper
Stinging Death Swarm
Sammash, Yeh
High Cultist Murdos
Shondar the Invoker, Haxxor
Axgore the Cleaver
Vicious Gray Turkey
Gugyn the Gauntlet
Direclaw the Demonflyer
Bashface the Truncheon
The Crusher
Lummock the Brute
Mehshak the Abomination
Blarg the Foul
Hyrug the Malformed
Charuch the Spear
Captain Dale
Axegrave the Executioner
Belagg Pierceflesh
Demonika the Wicked
Gorog the Bruiser
Pyres the Damned
Grimnight the Soulless
Vehan the Fierce
Slarg the Behemoth
Sao'Thall, Rhau'Kye
Kysindra the Wretched

The above unique bosses spawn each in a specific zone. Their name is in purple. But they are not guaranteed to spawn in that zone, so it might take a few runs to that area to find them. We have placed the Act number and Location of each monster next to its name, when known. We will be continuously updating this guide and adding the locations of all the uniques. So bookmark this guide and come back often. Also, If you run across one of them, please leave a comment to let us know what zone you found it in.

The next phases of this achievement are:
Special Snowflakes (10 Pts) - Kill 15 of the following unique enemies
A Unique Collection (10 Pts) - Kill ALL of the following unique enemies

Keep it Rare (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil, Banner Pattern
Kill 10 rare enemies of the following types:
Savage Beast, Harvester, Imp, Enraged Phantom, Savage Fiend, Quill Demon, Scavenger, Skeleton, Skeletal Archer, Returned Archer, Arachnid Horror, Dark Berserker, Dark Cultist, Unholy Thrall, Disentombed Hulk, Hungry Corpse, Retching Cadaver, Ravenous Dead, Dune Dervish, Fallen Overseer, Fallen, Fallen Peon, Fallen Cur, Fallen Conjurer, Betrayed, Accursed, Cave Wing, Murderous Fiend, Vicious Ghoul, Lacuni Huntress, Lacuni Slasher, Dust Imp, Sand Dweller, Sand Behemoth, Ancient Walker, Reaper, Skeletal Sentry, Skeletal Raider, Bone Warrior, Spine Hewer, Skeletal Ranger, Smoldering Construct, Charged Construct, Noxious Guardian, Serpent Magus, Webspitter Spider, Brood Hatchling, Frenzied Hellion, Hulking Phasebeast, Demonic Tremor, Armored Destroyer, Herald of Pestilence, Demonic Hellflyer, Demon Trooper, Fallen Slavelord, Fallen Grunt, Fallen Soldier, Fallen Hellhound, Fallen Prophet, Blood Clan Warrior, Blood Clan Occultist, Wintersbane Huntress, Stygian Crawler, Skeletal Marauder, Skull Sword, Skull Cleaver, Soul Ripper, Succubus, Colossal Golgor, Darksky Fire Demon, Enslaved Nightmare, Mallet Lord, Subjugator, Armaddon, Morlu Legionnaire, Morlu Incinerator

These enemies are yellow named. They are same as the common enemies that you encounter, but they are a rare version of them, more powerful and with more health. Their name is generated at random. To find those, just keep farming where the monsters of the common type reside. You can redo a quest over and over if you just want to farm a certain zone.

The next steps are:
Rarin' to Go (10 Pts) - Kill 50 rare enemies of the following types
A Rare Phenomenon (10 Pts) - Kill a rare enemy of ALL the following types

The Takedown (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil, Banner Pattern
Kill 10 champions of the following types:
Horned Charger, Imp, Carrion Bat, Savage Fiend, Quill Demon, Scavenger, Returned Executioner, Skeletal Archer, Dark Berserker, Dark Hellion, Unholy Thrall, Disentombed Hulk, Hungry Corpse, Ravenous Dead, Fallen Overseer, Fallen, Fallen Peon, Fallen Cur, Fallen Conjurer, Accursed, Savage Flyer, Deathly Haunt, Grim Wraith, Vicious Ghoul, Lacuni Slasher, Rock Giant, Sand Behemoth, Sand Wasp, Reaper, Skeletal Raider, Bone Warrior, Spine Hewer, Skeletal Ranger, Chilling Construct, Shock Guardian, Noxious Guardian, Writhing Deceiver, Webspitter Spider, Brood Hatchling, Vile Swarm, Hulking Phasebeast, Demonic Tremor, Armored Destroyer, Herald of Pestilence, Demonic Hellflyer, Demon Trooper, Fallen Overlord, Fallen Slavelord, Fallen Grunt, Fallen Soldier, Fallen Mongrel, Fallen Hellhound, Blood Clan Warrior, Blood Clan Mauler, Blood Clan Impaler, Blood Clan Sorcerer, Blood Clan Occultist, Wintersbane Huntress, Stygian Crawler, Icy Quillback, Skeletal Marauder, Skull Cleaver, Dark Skeletal Bowman, Soul Ripper, Succubus, Plague Swarm, Darksky Fire Demon, Enslaved Nightmaare, Mallet Lord, Subjugator, Morlu Legionnaire, Morlu Incinerator

Again, these are more rare versions of common monsters. Their name is in blue or purple. Farm areas where you normally would find the regular version of the monster.

Completing this achievement triggers the next ones:
Not so tough now (10 Pts) - Kill 50 champions of the following types
Champion's Collection (10 Pts) - Kill a champion of ALL the following types

Sheer Lunacy (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil
Kill 100 Fallen Lunatics before they can explode

Fallen Lunatics are suicidal monsters that run towards you with a knife in their hand, stabbing themselves until they explode. You need to kill them fast to advance in this achievement. Ranged players have an advantage as they can kill the Fallen Lunatics before they approach the player and explode.

Situational Awareness (10 Points)
Kill 1,000 enemies using the environment

Chandeliers, Traps, Collapsing Walls - look for all of those to help you kill monsters in a fun way, and get you this achievement.

Punch Diablo (10 Points)
Punch Diablo, very easy just use a higher level character and go back to normal to complete.

To get this one, un-equip all your weapons, and unbind your right mouse button skill. Then stand next to Diablo, and right click on him to punch Diablo!

Naked Lust (10 Points)
Defeat Cydea without any items equipped on Hell difficulty or higher
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil

Unequip all your items before this boss fight. Win, and you get this achievement.

The Hero's New Clothes (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Accent
Defeat all of the following enemies without any items equipped on Hell difficulty or higher:
The Butcher

More bosses to defeat without weapons or armor on.

Demolition Derby (10 Points)
Get a destruction callout for breaking 50 objects

You need to chain destroy 50 breakable objects to get this achievement. Good places for this are the Royal Crypts (Ash Pots) and the Cemetery of the Forsaken (Stone Columns)

I'll be your Wingman
(10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Accent
Let a follower get the killing blow on all of the following enemies:
Skeleton King
Queeen Araneae
The Butcher
Zoltun Kulle
Siegebreaker Assault Beast

Best way to get this, when the boss is on low health, stop using offensive abilities and let the follower do all the work.

I'm Slapped (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Accent
Knockback 5 imps at one time

All classes have some sort of ability that does knockout. Use it on large groups of imps.

Attacking the Darkness (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Accent
Kill 20 Shadow Vermin, Gloom Wraiths, or Shade Stalkers at once

AOE abilities are good for this one.

With Friends like These (10 Points)
Kill 30 enemies from the death explosion of a single grotesque, Harvester, Horror, Abomination, Bile Crawler, or Spine Lasher

Have these enemies explode near other groups of large enemies

Massive Blow (10 Points)
Kill 30 enemies in one attack

This is what Area of Effect abilities are for

Survivor (10 Points)
Survive Combat with low health 250 times

In this one, you have to be very low on health when combat ends. The instinct says to use health potion when you are low on health, but that decreases the chance of getting this achievement.

Savior (10 Points)
Save players from death 250 times

Deliver the last blow on a monster when another player is at 5% health or less

(10 Points)
Kill the following enemies while wearing head, shoulder, feet, leg, hand, and torso equipment colored with Lovely Dye:
Skeleton King
Queen Araneae
The Butcher
Zoltun Kulle
Siegbreaker Assault Beast

Dye all your armor pieces with Lovely Dye before fighting the above bosses.

Untouchable (10 Points)
Kill the following enemies without taking any damage in a single player game
The Butcher

Best way is to let your follower do most of the work while you stay in a safe distance, avoiding aggroing the enemy

Got Out (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Accent
Escape the Crumbling Vault before it collapses

The Crumbling Vault is in the Stinging Winds desert in Act II.

A Second to Spare (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Sigil
Escape the Crumbling Vault in Under 90 seconds

Bashanishu (10 Points)
Achievement Rewards: Banner Accent
Hurt Bashiok using Rakanishu's Blade

You get the Rakanishu Blade by completing the Shrine of Rakanishu event in northern Dahlgur Oasis in Act II. Bashiok also wanders around that area, but is a rare spawn.


Diablo3: Broken Achievements and Fixes

diablo 3 achievemnts

When Diablo3 launched and still now achievements are getting broken and lost forever due to servers crashing or people getting dropped. Here is a list of some of the fixes to get your achievements back.

Covetous, Covetous Shen: To fix this all I did was start the game at the last Act2 quest when we make our way into the palace to kill Belial. After killing Belial and returning to town to talk to Tyreal you should get this achievement.

Tear Down This Tower: Can be fixed by attempting again with your follower in town.

Other crafting achievements can also be fixed by starting a hardcore character.


Diablo3: New Best Power Leveling Spots

Zoltun Kulle Diablo 3 Zollton Zoltone Zulton

This powerleveling guide will allow you to get any new character from levels 1 to 60 in about 8 hours. Levels 1-50 is about 4 hours, and levels 50-60 is about 4 hours.

Bastion runs:
You'll need: a friend who's beaten hell.
This technique doesn't require gear, which is why it is so powerful.

Break down of progression:
Levels 1 - 5 is normal questing
Levels 5 - 25 is normal Siege of Bastion runs
Levels 25 - 50 is nightmare Siege of Bastion runs
Levels 50 - 60 is hell Siege of Bastion runs.

Doing a Siege of Bastion run:

Friend invites you to Act 3 game.
Skip soldier's dialog by hitting spacebar and follow him.
Mobs will come down the staircase and a cannonball will fall.

The goal of this technique is to time the mobs so that the cannonball instantly kills them.

Runs take 11 to 25 seconds and are faster if you use cc and speed increases.

Each class has a number of cc abilities available to them from very early in the game, so anyone can do this after level 5.

Recommended Skills for each class:
Barbarian: Ground Stomp and Leap.
Demon Hunter: Caltrops, Vault, Tactical Advantage, Hot Pursuit.
Monk: Blind, Seven Sided Strike, Serenity, Inner Sanctuary, Fleet Footed.
Witch Doctor: Grasp of the Dead, Summon pets, Spirit Walk.
Wizard: Frost Nova, Slow Time, Blizzard, Ray of Frost, Teleport.

Using a high level ruby can significantly reduce the time you powerlevel your character in. Also the Monster Kills Grant +experience affix is helpful.

Other Power Leveling Methods:

Zoltun Kulle Runs With Cascade

To do these, you'll need at least 2 people, gear enough to kill Zoltun Kulle (usually one of the members is a highly geared inferno level character). This works because each member of the group can turn in the quest multiple times across multiple games and take advantage of the quest XP scaling.

This method is typically slower than Bastion runs but is more efficient around levels 23-25, 47-50, and 57-60. This is simply due to the way that quest XP scales with the level progression.

An important point about Kulle runs is that in order to calculate the total power leveling time correctly, you need to include your friend's time. Even by not including your friend's time, it's still less efficient than Bastion runs. Still, some people prefer this method, so I included it here.

Break down of progression:

Levels 1 - 5 is normal questing
Levels 5 - 25 is normal Kulle runs
Levels 25 - 50 is nightmare Kulle runs
Levels 50 - 60 is hell Kulle runs.

Doing a Kulle Run with cascade:

Start a game with a level 60 in Act 2, 8. The Black Soulstone, Soul-Stone Chamber

Continue the quest, when you kill the boss and you need to go to the black Soulstone invite the 2nd player

Have the 2nd player teleport to the 1st player
-1st player leaves
2nd player completes the black soulstone, turns it in the town (+XP here)
1st player resumes at black soulstone
2nd player joins the game, don't need to telport
1st player completes black soulstone and leaves
2nd player turns in the quest again (+XP HERE AGAIN)
-1st player resumes at turn-in point here
-2nd player joins the game

Either player re-turn in the quest

Act 2-2 Runs:

To do this, you'll need enough gear to kill the soliders that spawn in Act 2, quest 2. Essentially you start Act 2, quest 2 and do it over and over again until you get the quest turn in.

This method is slower than Bastion runs and Kulle runs (by not counting your friend's time). The benefit here is that you can do these solo pretty efficiently until hell difficulty. Then it gets pretty difficult.

Break down of progression:

Levels 1 - 5 is normal questing
Levels 5 - 25 is normal 2-2 runs
Levels 25 - 50 is nightmare 2-2 runs
Levels 50 - 60 is hell 2-2 runs.

Doing a 2-2 run:

No special tricks here. Do the quest as normal, exit the game, and reset. Rinse and repeat. If you don't have gear to carry you through the difficulties, prepare to die a few times.


Diablo3: Darker Diablo Graphics Mod

Darker Hardcore D3 Diablo Graphics Mod Gfx Gfc Comparison
Here is a quick setup guide to getting the D3 Darker Gfx Mod going and some info.

A very simple yet powerful graphics mod for Diablo3. Gives the game a much darker tone like how it was in previous Diablo games. Also applies a fix to the blur graphics that are in game. Offers a font change mod also to change the Item font to the classic style.

*1.If this is the FIRST time you start Diablo III or the first time after a recent PATCH, launch the game and then close it.
1.Extract/copy all the files in this zip/folder into the root directory of your Diablo III install.
2.Run Diablo III, if the launcher starts the game, the filters might cause it to crash.
*Try starting the game again if this happens.
OR run the game without the launcher by running "Diablo III.exe" and not from your desktop or using the "Diablo III Launcher.exe"
3.Use the Pause key (beside the Scroll Lock key) to turn the effects On/Off.

Can I get banned for this?
With ALL plugins and mods there is always a possibility. Jay Wilson did post a twitter response to this questions HERE. He says that in its form there will be no banning for this mod.

Download and Preview HERE.