WOW: Exploit your Arena or RBG MMR get extra points

This will exploit your Arena & Rated Battleground Match Making Rating. MMR or Match Making Rating is the “hidden” rating which you can only see at the end of a Rated Battleground or Arena fight.

What you do is get one of your Highest MMR players to relog using the "Log Out" button before gates opens (After gates open works too). What happens is, You will get double his MMR.

It will tell you in the chat that "xxxx has left the battle" as soon as he logs on, When he joins the battle again, your MMR will be boosted by the difference of MMR this player does.

Example, 10/10 players is in the RBG
player X Relogs(Leave the battle) - Keeps the MMR
Player X Has come online(Join the battle) - MMR will Raise by the difference he makes.(20 or something).

To exploit this in a bigger scale, Get ALL of your highest MMR players to relog and your MMR will raise by 100-200 Match Making Rating.
It might even work to relog several times to boost the MMR by even more!

Doing this you will always be over your standard MMR, and ALWAYS get more points than you should

Doing this in the opening of an Arena will cause you to gain extra rating.


WOW: Light Medium Leather and Linen Wool Cloth Farming Spot

I was farming this spot with my level 43 rogue so I could level my leatherworking and get some cloth for the AH since it's still stupid high on my server.

1/2 an hour of farming before posting here yielded;
-68 Light Leather
-47 Medium Leather
-2 Light Hide
-4 Medium Hide
-42 Wool Cloth
-19 Linen Cloth
-7 Silk Cloth
-2 Greens

The re-spawn rates are around 3-6 seconds and there are a constant 5 that spawn, wait around 5-7 seconds then charge to fight the other mobs.

The mobs are Ebon Slavehunters, they are level 24-25 and have around 650-700HP and drop between 72 copper to 1silver 20 copper.

Here is the exact spot I farmed.
Arathi Highlands World of Warcraft Where to Farm Wool Cloth Medium Leather Light Leather Ebon Slave Hunter Find Tiny Crimson Whelping

Here is the map to show the spot.
Black Whelp Scales Where to find Tiny Crimson Whelping Solo Farm Medium Leather Get Wool Cloth Light Cloth Leatherworker 225 Farm Area World of Warcraft Arathi Highlands

If you need Black Whelp Scales you can skin the Ebon Whelps that are around the same area. They sell for 50g/stack on my server so it wasn't a bad change of pace.

There is also a random (very small) chance of getting a vanity pet Tiny Crimson Whelping.


WOW: Easier and Faster Death from Above and Ready for Raiding II

Death From Above (From Druid of the Talon Daily Hub):
Bomb the following elementals during a bombing run in the Molten Front.
Criteria : Ragepyre, Flashfire, Heatflayer, Blazefury, Hatespark, Singeslayer

Ready for Raiding II (From Call of the Ancients Hub):
Slay the following Lieutenants of Flame in Ragnaros' Reach without getting hit by their special attacks.
Criteria : Ancient Charscale, Ancient Smoldering Behemoth, Ancient Firelord, Cinderweb Queen, Devout Harbinger

Daily quests for theses Achievements don't spawn everyday. Has a 1 out of 4 chance to spawn.
Achievement objective boss(es) are also totally random spawns, so it can takes ages to get the quest AND the boss you need to hit with the Bomb (Death from Above) or kill with Style (Ready for Raiding II)

So what you have to do, if you don't mind losing 2 mark/day, but want your achievements faster than anyone else :

1) Keep theses two quests in your quest log at all time - so you have it everyday
2) Every day, a random "boss" will spawn
3) Join a raid group, so you will not get quest objective credits (Important: as you won't be able to Re-take the quest & use Hypogryph with all objectives complete)
4) Bomb the daily boss for "Death from Above" Achievement
5) Kill with Style the daily boss for "Ready for Raiding II" Achievement
6) Repeat until you get achievements


WOW: Avoid 40 Man Battlegrounds Or Bg in Progress

Alteric Valley Battlegrounds Exploits How To
Here's how to avoid the 40 man BGs and/or know which kind of BG you're going to get before you enter it.

When your Battleground pops (The Enter or Leave Queue Button) , do you notice all the clicking sounds? That's other players clicking to enter the BG. Wait just a little bit before you click "enter" and see how many clicks you hear.

1) If it was a low number of click noises, you're going to get into a 10 or 15 man BG. It's safe to enter this BG.

2) If you hear spam clicking and/or can't keep track of the number of clicks, it's a 40 man BG. Simply leave queue and queue up again if you don't like the bigger BGs.

3) If you hear NO clicking, you're being put into a BG in progress. Most likely a fail. Leave queue and queue up again for a fresh BattleGround.


WOW: Get Mass Resurrected without Debuff

1. Someone casts Mass Resurrected
2. If he finished type /logout
3. Accept rezz
4. Abort /logout


WOW: Get Ambassador Title At Level 15

This is a guide how to get Ambassador title on your level 10/15 character! (10 horde, 15 alliance). It will go much faster if you have Recruit-a-friend for this since you'll get extra reputation.

1) Level up to level 10/15.
2) Stop ur XP gaining.
3) Find a booster (if you got a level 60-85 character on another account that would be great).
4) Get all the rep tabards.
5) Go to RFC/Stockades.
6) When all the mobs in the instance are downed, go out reset and run again.

It took about 5 times through RFC to get from friendly to revered.


WOW: Easy way to kill Majordomo Staghelm Heroic

Majordomo Staghelm World of Warcraft WOW Boss Dungeon Raid 10 25 Man Easy How To Kill

This is an easy way to down him. Just follow the instructions listed.

1) Hunter in party
2) Glyph of Misdirect. Everytime a hunter casts misdirection on his pet, misdirection cooldown will reset.

How To:
1) Your hunter needs to tame Turtle Pet.
2) Whole raid gather in 1 point to turn on the scorpion phase, turtle tanks him faced away from the raid.
3) Turtle gets only melee hits , no damage from the Flame Scythe Spell because it's pet.
4) Just Heal turtle, DPS down the boss.
5) Profit

And there is a bug, if u cast misdirection twice or more times on your pet between those 30seconds, the old misdirection aggro will stay


WOW: Stock Up For 4.2b

Some people were disappointed in 4.2 thinking they we're going to ride the widely talked about boom. Some prices rose. Enchants and gems are selling pretty well for raiders. But there wasn't too much for the everyday casual player to do. A week later and the new arena season started. That will be doing well as far as pvp enchants and gems go. But as for the new craftable pvp gear... not so much.

Please remember this is speculation.

So what's the next big market that's going to skyrocket?

In ~2 weeks for the people who have been diligently doing their dailies some new vendors will get unlocked. They will sell a few bag patterns and some epic ilvl 365 weapons. Here's the vendor with the weapon patterns Damek Bloombeard - NPC - World of Warcraft

Each one will require 8 Truegold and 5 Chaos Orb, then some gems, hardened Elementium bars, or volatiles.
So here's my predictions for the market in a couple weeks. Stock up on Volatile Water (they're impossible to farm large amounts) and Truegold (Requires 3 Pyrium bars, 10 Volatile water/fire/air and on a 1 day Alchemy Cool Down)

I think those 3 volatiles will skyrocket in price for a week or so at least. Volatile Fire will be the first to come back down in price because it is easily obtained during the new dailies. Volatile Air will go up and stay at it's new high for a while. The hardened Elementium bars and gems will receive a (very small demand) increase. So if you have some Elementium ores or bars in the bank it will be a good time to sell them, I'm pretty sure almost every server has farming bots on it though so I would not rely on Elementium prices at all.

If you want to go balls out for max profit try to find a BS with some patterns once they arrive. Tip him generously for all those chaos orbs you are taking and make some epic weapons to put up on the AH. You can at least double your profit on a few of them the first night. Be smart about which weapons to craft first, Firelands raid drops boe ilvl 378 spell caster weapons, agility bow, 1h strength axe, and a 2h agility polearm. I would stay away from crafting the lower iLvl BS versions of these.
This will in-turn bring a demand for top end weapon enchants and keep their demand up for at least a month, if not longer I would guess.


Good investment:
Volatile Water
Volatile Air
BiS Weapon Enchants

Risky investment:
Volatile Fire
Volatile Earth
Elementium Ore
Hardened Elementium Bars


WOW: Get To Molten Flow

How to Get Into Molten Flow Area World of Warcraft Guide
Once you access the Molten front you can glitch your way to the Molten Flow. If you follow the path to the Furnace you will avoid the fire by staying to the side of the path.

1) Die near the big rock with cracks in the center of "the furnace"
2) Run back as a ghost
3) Ghost falls threw giant rock with cracks
4) Accept resurrection after falling threw rock
5) Cast something that will prevent fall damage (slow fall, bubble, heroic leap) or die and fall back through.

Benifits of getting to Molten Flow:

1) Able to talk to Thisalee Crow for "Fireside Chat"
2) Get the achievement "Master of the Molten Flow"
3) You can use the thermal vents to jump on top of rocks (I did find a chest on top of some rocks) (thermal vents are the wind like things that flow up and allow you to jump really high)

To leave this area just go back to where you fell in and jump there is a thermal vent that will take you back to the top.